Saturday, October 9, 2010


So, it's been over a month since I've posted anything. Life is crazy around here. Ty's in school full time and playing hockey twice a week. Wyatt and Levi go to day care one day a week and I'm back to working full time again and being in charge of the chemistry department, which is a lot of mindfull work.
Last week, me and my mom and Levi went to San Francisco, CA for my work. Along with my friend and co-worker Tricia, we flew out to San Fran to train on a new machine we are getting in the lab. Since I'm still nursing Levi he had to come with me and my mom came along for a little trip an to watch him while I was at class. Class was a little boring but Tricia, my mom and I made it into a good time. Levi was great travelling. He slept almost the whole time on the plane there and back and when we went into the city on the train (subway) also. Ty and Wyatt stayed home with daddy and they survived without me....although I worried the whole time since when I left Ty had scarlet fever. He is finally feeling better. I've never felt so helpless with having to leave with a sick kid at home, that's the worst! Anyways here are a few photos of my trip....

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Rachael Neal said...

Wow - there and back already? Looks like you had a good time. Sorry to hear about the sick kiddos! Hope everyone is healthy and can enjoy the beautiful weather this fall.