Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Listen to your 3 year old...

When your 3 year old says "I don't want to run"...Listen to them. Sunday my mom and I took the kids to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch after shopping since daddy was hunting. Well, Wyatt left his animals inside so I said lets run and go get them. He decided he didn't want to run and stop right in front of me....Down I went. My left knee swelled instantly 5 times it's size and turned nice and black and blue. Not to mention I ripped my only pair of pants I like. I couldn't walk for 2 days and I'm still limping like a fool. Bending and Straightening are an issue. I didn't break anything, thanks goodness. I can't imagine a cast with 3 boys, ugh! Anyways, it looks way worse in person, but take a look....

Day 1

Today, Day 3

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brotherly Love!

This is our sign of Brotherly Love...the little brother did this with a book. I know Levi's gonna be tough with two big brothers, but it could hold off awhile!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Wyatt has become a Halloween fanatic...everyday this month he has sat and colored or drawn halloween pictures. He loves everything to do with Halloween. We tested it out with the Haunted train ride a Roethke park. He was a little spooked but loved it all the same. Ty of course thought it was Awesome!!!
The big boys got to pick out their costumes this year...Ty wanted a Penguin, surprise. And Wyatt wanted 'Kung Fu Panda "2"', don't forget the 2 or you'll be in trouble :) Levi got to wear the Aligator. Wyatt had Strep so he didn't make it very far before Grandma took him home along with Levi. Ty was so proud of himself for making it 3 1/2 blocks this year instead of 1. Next year he wants to do 8!?!?!?
Now that Halloween is done all the stores are filled with Christmas!! What happen to Thanksgiving? I refuse to put up or buy any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving! Which is very hard with 2 boys who love christmas. Well, here are some photos of trick or treat...

Oh Yeah, when we were carving pumpkins we opened up one of them to take out the guts and inside of it was another pumpkin plant growing!! Really, it had grown inside the other pumpkin! I even took a photo so people would believe me....