Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Who can't resist a little boy in a sink? This has been our nightly routine this week, with the nice weather we've been outside until dark and these boys get VERY dirty. Just thought I'd share a few photos....looks like he's doing the dishes..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ty and Wyatt's 1st Concert...

Last night we took Ty and Wyatt to see "Big Time Rush", if you don't know who that is watch Nickelodeon. It's a boy band with a TV show, they are hockey players that move to hollywood and become famous. Wyatt and Ty both know all the words to the songs and also have some great dance moves to add. I think that Wyatt has a little 'ganster' in him when he dances ?? Anyways, we got a little wet but it was nice. We actually got to see their tour bus and watched Carlos and James go in and out of it and wave. That was exciting. I'm still not too sure Wyatt understood how they were actually here but they are on TV...someday. Ty and I sang all the songs. I still love a good boy band concert!