Sunday, July 27, 2008

Camping and the canoe races!

Yeah, the computer still stinks, but here are some new photos.
We just got back from Grayling, MI camping with the kids. Yes, we took a 6 month old camping. He actually did great! I should add that we like the rustic campgrounds with only a well for water and 2 outhouses...yeah we are crazy. We ended up staying at a new campground this year on Lake Margarethe, I guess my mom live there for awhile when she was about 5. I thought that was kind of neat. Its a beautiful lake and very sandy and shallow, Great for kids. We got there about 6:00 on Friday and got the last campsite by the water. I think it might have been the best one there. We set up camp, had a fire and Ty and Wyatt went to sleep just like at home. Saturday we went swimming at 10:00 and then went into town around noon. They had a craftshow and a classic car show, which Ty really enjoyed, and we found a park to play at. There was a rock wall at the craft show and Ty gave it a try...he reached half way up and the let go, I think he might have gone further, but Jon couldn't reach him anymore and I think he got a little scare. Then back to camp for lunch and a nap, yes surprisingly I got them to take a nap at the same time and Jon and I even closed our eyes for a few minutes. Then around 6 we went back to town to play putt putt golf and to watch the start of the canoe race. If you don't know, every July there is a canoe marathon from Grayling to Oscoda along the AuSauble river. Its 122 miles and the start at 9 at night and canoe all night, reaching Oscoda around 11 in the AM. it's really cool. Hopefully this will be our family trip each summer, Jon and I started going there in 1997. Anyways here are some photos of our weekend....