Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pom pon and Football!

Well, we spent last weekend watching lots of football and pom pon. I got an excited phone call from my niece Hope that she was going to do pompon at the Hemlock High School Football game and she wanted me to come and watch (since I was a pom pon girl forever). They had kindergarten-5 grade perfom at half was so cute! Then on saturday we spent the whole morning watching Hunter, Ethan and Cole play football. Hunter and Ethan play with the 3rd and 4th grade team- Hunter is defensive tackle and Ethan is offensive tackle. They are both VERY good at it. They were very excited about some 'Monster defense' that they both got to play on together. They got to play that defense when the opponent was on the 2 yard line...and the stopped them. They stopped them but in the middle of the field the ref yells "TOOTH", well one of the twins lost a tooth on that play and all the kids started looking for they didn't find it! He thought he was pretty tough though. Then we got to watch Cole on the High School field play with the 6th graders...he made and awesome tackle right before we left, GO COLE! Football season is so much fun!

Friday, September 11, 2009

1st Day of 4 yr old Preschool!

Here is Ty on his first day of 4yr old Preschool! The parents were supposed to come the first day, which was a shorten session, to see what preschool was all about. When I told Ty that I got to come with him, he told me "No mom, I don't need you to come with me". He already doesn't need sad!!! There are a lot of the same kids in his class from last year and some new ones also. He is so excited! Today was his first day without parents and they had a Fire drill. But, they couldn't get the fire alarm to turn off so they stayed outside for most of the class, the whole school had to stay outside since it was so loud. What a fun way to start the school year!