Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wyatt's 5!!!!

I can't believe that my Wyatt is 5!!! Seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital on a cold winter day like today. Thank you Lord for Wyatt James!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween/Fall 2012

Fall has been crazy around our, hockey, gymnastics and football games:) This is Wyatt's favorite time of year with Halloween! He is into all the grusome/gross/disgusting stuff! Zombies and Big foot are his absolute favorite! So, of course he wanted to be Big Foot for Halloween and where do you find a Big Foot costume for a 4 year old????? Mom makes one!!!! I have to say I did pretty good and Jon was pretty impressed by my work. yeah me! Ty was a warewolf and Levi wore the skunk costume, too cute! See for yourself.... While we were trick or treating, we had a big foot sighting in someones front yard :) Now that Halloween is over.....the Christmas lists have begun, Dang thos stores for sending out the Toy books earlier every year!!!! 8 weeks until Christmas. ***************************************************************************************P.S. Say a little prayer for my Cousin Leah's 2 year old Leland...he broke his Femur this past week and is in a body cast for 8 weeks! Sending Prayers everyday Leland!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Herman the Hamster

For the last 3 months, Ty has been saving money for a new pet. He took back pop cans and did chores for Papa and Grandma. He thought he wanted a Guinea Pig, but once he held one he decided that they were too big. Then he decided on a 'Chinese dwarf hamster', but I decided no, because if you know anything about Hamsters, the males have very large back ends. Yuck!!! then he found a fluffy little guy with long golden fur. He is pretty cute!! (Never thought I'd say that:)) they named him P.Wee Herman! Or Herman for short. Here are a few fun photos of our new family member.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School!!!!

Back to School!!! The boys were sooo excited to see friends and start a new school year. Ty is now in 2nd grade! Crazy, I know. Wyatt started 4yr old Preschool. Or as he calls it "Big Preschool". Today was his first day and I think Mrs.Kelly has her work cut out for her this year with the FUN group of boys in his class:) Here wyatt is saying a prayer before they leave preschool for the day,Cute, huh? Poor Levi is lost without his brothers...he runs up to them and hugs them when we pick them up. next year Buddy:)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sumertime....busy, busy, busy :)

I love summertime!! The only bad things about it is that it is so BUSY! Fun Busy, of course. The weeks have gone by so fast I can't believe it's almost August! We have been camping, boating, up north, swimming everyday, playing outside and thing else you can think of the reminds you of Summer. 3 boys are a lot to keep up with and keep occupied. Ty has had a busy summer. Lots of Birthday parties and swimming underwater. He is growing up so fast! He had swiers ear last month from all the swimming! This week he got stitches for the fourth time. This time in his eyebrow, walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. Wyatt has been growing and learning like crazy this Summer. I can't keep up with his crazy brain! There are somethings that come out of his little mouth that can both shock me and amaze me! Sometimes i want to crawl under a rock when we are out in public and he shouts out one of his amzing discoveries about the world around him!!! You can probably imagine if you have 4 year olds:) Wyatt is also swimming like a fish these days. His favorite thing still is to color and do projects. Levi is being to crawl his way out of the Baby phase..he is a toddler all the way! he is swimming with floaties by himself, climbing everything in site and hitting a baseball when you pitch it to him. he loves to ride his bike and scooter, while wearing his rain boots in 100 degree weather!!!! He has started talking sentences and telling me "NO", yeah for me. He is definitely his own person and character. He loves his brothers and puppy!! I sure do love watching him grow and learn, but hate leaving the baby stage knowing he's my last one. Be we know it school will be here and I'll have a 2nd grader, 4 year old preschooler and a 2 year old!! Scary:) I sure do love being a mom of 3 boys!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Levi is 2!!!!!!

I can't believe that my baby is 2 years old!!! I the last month he has definetly become a toddler. He is saying so many works and has learned to tell us NO and exactly what he wants:) It is so much fun watching him grow, but so sad at the same time that he is my last little baby :( We had a Handy Manny Birthday for him on Sunday. It was a Beautiful day. We had the water slide out, the baby pool and painted birdhouses! Levi recieved a new Playhouse from us!! He also got a toolbench, tools, trains, books and a leaf bubble blower that he loves!!! I can't wait to see what he has in store for us this year!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We are still here....

I know it's been a long time since I've posted...Life has been crazy.
I've been on two trips in the last 2 months. New Jersey/New York for work for a week and then Spring Break to Florida with the family. Work has been crazy and keeping me extra busy! I finished my "body challenge" and lost 14.8 pounds and 4 & 5 inches off my waist and hips. But, I think its coming back already with all these trips, oops! I plan on getting back to the 'gym' soon. I never believed anyone when they said that working out would make me feel better, well now I do. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are getting your body in shape and healthy.

Ty and Wyatt are getting ready to start new sports. Ty is going to try baseball and give hockey a break until the fall. Although I think he is missing hockey :)
Wyatt is going to play Soccer, we will see if he can handle someone taking the ball away from him. Levi has learned to swim with floates on, he jumps in, underwater (with ear tubes, not good) and can swim all over the pool by himself. He's not even 2 yet!! We are in big trouble.

Jon is busy looking for a wakeboard boat for our family...hopefully we can find one and enjoy our summer on it:)

Here are some photos from our Florida Trip and a few from New York!!
New York:
The New World Trade Center, The 911 Memorial Reflection pools and Tiems Square.

We stayed at the beach, my Aunt Tammy's and went to Sea World!!