Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A new house....kind of.

Well, we have always wanted a bigger house, but it's just not going to happen any time soon. We are with the other thousands of people who bought a new house at the wrong time....so instead we have to make things work. So, Jon has been busy the last 2 months or so putting in an egress window in the basement so the two older boys can sleep down there. We already had a playroom down there so it wasn't too much to do, but sorting through 3 boys toys, clothes and everything else in between has taken us forever. 2 weeks ago we finally moved them down into their new room. Levi has taken over their old room upstairs and out of our bedroom (I never thought that would happen.) He even has a closet now. Well, kind of...the top of the closet it his and the bottom is all the upstairs toys. So, Levi's room is kind of a playroom now also. The livingroom is almost void of toys unless they are actively playing with them. And eventually it will have a table for art and reading when we find one. The boys have been loving their new basement bedroom. They can open the window and climb out the ladder if necessary, hopefully that will never happen. They have been sleeping pretty good down there, it's me who can't sleep very well listening to see if they are okay. My boys have never been that far away. I know I have issues. Levi is loving his own room, he actually sleeps most nights! Amazing, I never thought that would happen either. Well, here are some photos of the 'new house'!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rainy, no school day!

Today we woke up to a telephone ringing...Ty's school was closed from tall the power outages (as of now it is still in the dark). It was my day off so an extra half hour to sleep, yeah! Unfortunately, wyatt still had school so we still had to get up and get dressed.
After preschool, we went to the Mid-Michigan Childrens Museum with our friends, Grayson, Finley and their Mom (stacy). That place is so much fun, even Levi can run around. They have a giant water table that is always the big hit. NOt to mention they are soaked when we leave...Her are some fun photos of our day out with friends on a rainy, no school day!