Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Beach!

Yesterday, we went to beach here in town, Haithco park. We, Me, mom, cole and the boys, were the only ones there. It started off cloudy but then the sun came out and it got hot! Wyatt loved the beach and water and especially chasing the seagulls. Ty loved swimming with Cole, he would put on his life jacket and take off swimming like a fish. Every time the seagulls tried to steal our food Ty would say..."Just a minute, I know just how to handle this!" Where did he get that from? He was hilarious. OH yeah! They both got new lunchboxes, the real ones made of tin.. they haven't left the house without then in two days!

Wyatt's First Hair Cut!

Well, I finally took Wyatt to get his first hair cut. I really liked the curls, but his hair is much finer than Ty's was and it really was starting to look like a mullet! The only way we got him to sit still even for a few minutes was to give him a sucker and then all the hair stuck to his face, it looked like he had a beard!!! Here is his before and after photos!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rain, yucky Rain!!!

Well, this weekend was our camping trip up to Grayling to see the Ausable Canoe Race. This is the third year we have gone up with our family and we first went 12 years ago as a couple. This year our Friends Steve and Cindy and their 3 boys came with us. Ty and Wyatt loved having some other kids to play with this time. I'm sure they'll probably come again next year with us. It was a fun weekend, except for the fact that it down poured rain most of the time. The guys set up in the rain and packed up to go home in the rain. Then when we got was raining and it's still raining, so we unpacked in the rain and Jon is still trying to dry out our things in the garage, but every 1/2 hour or so it starts to rain again!!! NO MORE RAIN! We did have a little break Saturday and were able to swim a little and we went to town to see the start of the canoe race. These guys start at 9 pm and paddle all the way from Grayling to Oscoda along the ausable river through the night! Its crazy, 92 teams of paddlers run down the main street in town with their canoes and jump in the river all at the same spot and start paddling. the boys loved it. Here are a few photos of our trip!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy Summer Dayz!