Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just like my big brother...

Well, in the last week Wyatt has been obsessed with Ty's little fold out couch. And of course Ty doesn't want to share it with him, so I went out this week and found one for Wyatt, with coupons to help. Here he is just like his big brother...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sick and Wounded....:(

Well, Sunday was beautiful...we went to church and played outside for three hours...That was about all the fun were given...Wyatt threw up on his booster seat tray and refused to eat the rest of the day. Thinking it was just a fluke, we kind of ignored it...well today he has running down the leg diarrhea..and a nice little fever. Hopefully it doesn't last long..Well that takes care of the for the wounded.
We went to my mom's for a nice BBQ dinner, chicken on the grill and potato salad, YUM! Well we never got to eat it until 8:30 at night since we spent 3 hours in ER with Ty, yes again. We were just sitting down to eat and he slipped off the bar stool and wacked his chin on the bar and stuck his teeth completely through his bottom lip. Med Express wouldn't take in so on to the ER. It actually went better than we thought. NO stitches, they glued it shut, yes glue! So, this makes 3 years in a row we've visited the ER with a ,as they say, face laceration. if three is the magic number maybe we are done with stitches. Yeah right, he's a boy! Here's a nice photo of his wound...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Waterpark Fun!

Last thursday, march 5 was my 30th birthday, yuck:( For my birthday I decided to spend it with my family at Avalanche Bay Waterpark at Boyne ski resort. Ty had so much fun, he actually went down all the big waterslides with either me or Jon. Now Wyatt on the other hand, did not like it one bit. He clammed right up when we went in and layed on our chest most of the time. I thnk it was too noisy and loud for him. I would recommend it to everyone who needs a little break away. The rooms are awesome too. Here are a few photos....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Jack!

Its been 2 years today that we said hello and goodbye to our second son, Jack Alan. Or as we call him Baby Jack. I can't believe it's been 2 years. Today we went out to the cemetary and took 2 helium balloons like we have before, wrote messages on them and 'sent them to heaven' for Baby Jack's birthday party! I think about him everyday, miss him and wonder what he would have been like, but then I think about our beautiful baby Wyatt that God gave us after our loss and I thank God everyday that we have him.

A place where children Are
what kind of place would heaven be
with all its streets of gold
if all the souls that dwell up there
like yours and mine were old
How strange would heaven's music sound
when harps begin to ring
if children were not gathered 'round
to help the angels sing
The children that God sends to us
are only just a loan,
he knows we need their sunshine
to make a house a home
We need the inspiration of
a baby's blessed smile
he doesn't say they've come to stay
just lends them for awhile
sometimes it takes them years to do
the work for which they come
sometimes in just a month or two
our father calls them home
I like to think some souls up there
bear not one sinful scar
I love to think of heaven as
a place where children are.

Surprise! Busy Weekend!

Well, this past weekend was very busy! I had to work all weekend and Jon had the boys...Our Anniversary was on Sunday and when I got home from work on Saturday Jon said I had an hour to get ready because we were going out to dinner somewhere very nice and the kids were going to my mom's. I was kind of crabby from working all day and had just planned on sitting around watching the movie I had rented and now I had to get ready. Well we stopped at a bar 1st because Jon said the the resturant was kind of pricy so we were going to stop and have an appetizer and a couple drinks before so we didn't spend so much there. Then after that he said he had to stop at his friends to help him move something (he's in a wheelchair so this is kind of a common request). I didn't want to go there either, I kept saying...if it's our night out why are we stopping here! Still kind of crabby:( Well we got to the door and it was I rang the doorbell. My nephew Cole answered the door...I was soooooooooooo confused! Then I heard "Surprise"...well, my 30th birthday is on Thursday and Jon had planned a wonderful surprise party for me! It was a lot of fun and I didn't know anything about it! I think it was the first time in 12 years that he's actually surprised me without me knowing anything! Thanks Honey!
And by the way, Ty knew all about it for a day and didn't say anything to me! Good Job Ty, who knew a 4 year old could keep a secret so well! this is the only photo I have, since I'm the picturetaker, but if I find some I'll share later!