Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Angel!

Three years ago today, we said hello and goodbye to our little boy, Jack Alan Hirschenberger. He spent 26 weeks inside my belly and now we have an angel in heaven watching over us. We miss him so much still everyday and wonder what he'd be like now as a three year old. But, then I also think of everything we wouldn't have today and I know I'm still blessed with wonderful family full of life and craziness.


Marina said...

Oh, Angie. What a beautiful picture. I am speechless.

Rachael Neal said...

i've never seen that picture. it choked me up! thanks for your transparency. so beautiful that you have a new life growing inside of you right now. what a celebration! we miss you jack.

Pam said...

This made me cry it's such a sweet sweet picture. God has certainly brought your family through a lot through Jack's short life.