Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween/Fall 2012

Fall has been crazy around our, hockey, gymnastics and football games:) This is Wyatt's favorite time of year with Halloween! He is into all the grusome/gross/disgusting stuff! Zombies and Big foot are his absolute favorite! So, of course he wanted to be Big Foot for Halloween and where do you find a Big Foot costume for a 4 year old????? Mom makes one!!!! I have to say I did pretty good and Jon was pretty impressed by my work. yeah me! Ty was a warewolf and Levi wore the skunk costume, too cute! See for yourself.... While we were trick or treating, we had a big foot sighting in someones front yard :) Now that Halloween is over.....the Christmas lists have begun, Dang thos stores for sending out the Toy books earlier every year!!!! 8 weeks until Christmas. ***************************************************************************************P.S. Say a little prayer for my Cousin Leah's 2 year old Leland...he broke his Femur this past week and is in a body cast for 8 weeks! Sending Prayers everyday Leland!

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