Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vacation Part I....

So, we spent last weekend in Chi-town with my Mom and Dad. I have been waiting to take the boys to the aquarium and field museum for so long. Chicago is one of my favorite places to go. I love the big city...I actually did my internship just outside of chicago. We stayed a few blocks from Navy Pier and a block from Michigan Avenue. We walk quite a bit and had lots of fun. We did the Shedd Aquarium where Ty and Wyatt's favorite thing was the Jellyfish exhibit. My personal favorite was the Sharks, of course.

Then we went to the Field Museum to see the dinosaurs...I think the biggest hit though was the Egyptian section of the museum. There were mummy's encased in their decorative 'boxes', when we turned the corner and there were more Wyatt yelled "They trapped another one!!!" Then when they had the 'crypts' with they actual mummy's in them Wyatt once again had to comment..."Look Mom, that one got away, watch out!" He was so funny! Ty was really interested in the actual facts about everything, which was fun to teach him things he didn't learn at school yet. Daddy found the geological rock exhibit the best...and I think Papa just liked to show the kids all the fun things they've never seen before.

After the museums we walked down to RainForest Cafe for dinner...This was just as good as a museum if you've never eaten there... the boys loved it.

The next day we spent the morning at Navy Pier where the boys made ride the giant Ferris Wheel that I am extremely afraid of...what you do for your children. The boys really loved the giant anchor at the end of the pier...

From there I had work to do outside the City in Schaumburg...the boys spent a day and a half with daddy in a hotel...that was a long day and a half. There was a pool where Ty learned to swim underwater and do a flip underwater. He was very excited. We went to dinner at Medevial Times Castle, which is very fun with a bunch of boys!!! Horses and fighting, what's better than that?

Levi's favorite part of the whole trip were the hotel rooms where he ran wild, never slept and found many fun spots to relax..

Next blog...Vacation Par II-Up North at the Cabin.

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Rachael Neal said...

So fun! I want to take Annelise to Chicago so bad. I know she would love the city!