Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday night Ty got to play hockey at the Saginaw Spirit game and they had a shoot out with the Eagle mascots. They look so little out there on that big ice rink. He had so much fun. They even got to tour the locker room. Hockey sure is becoming a big deal in our house. He is getting really fast out on that ice and actually looks like a real hockey player now. It's amazing how much he's improved in just a year.

Here's Wyatt with he birthday present from Uncle Scott. I don't know if Uncle Scott knows just how small our house is. Wyatt was afraid of it at first, but now it's his TV companion.

Levi is finally feeling better!!!! Yeah!!!! Here he is pulling himself up on the ottoman. He can move fast now. His favorite thing to go for now is the dog water dish. Yuck! And the bathroom doorstop. Levi gets his tubes put in on Thursday, hopefully all goes well!

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Rachael Neal said...

Oh my word that horse is so big! :) Praying Levi's surgery goes well. We might be doing the same with Elli in the next year.

Miss you guys!