Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas in our house started a little rough.....Jon and I ended up with the flu! I spent the morning sick and we had to leave church because Jon started and didn't stop until the morning. Today was a little better, but still a little queasy. As for the boys, I think they had a wonderful Christmas. They got more toys than we have room for, I don't know where they are all going to go. Here are a few photos of our fun....


The Neals said...

so cute! i was going to buy annelise that elmo toy, but when she played with it at the store, she didn't like it. :) looks like you guys had a great Christmas! miss you all!

Marina said...

Jon and Angie,
As always, loved looking at your photos. My fave of Ty is him looking at the note Santa left. Precious! Merry Christmas, and I hope you two are feeling better!
Love, Marina