Monday, September 3, 2007

Our 1st Trip to the U.P. Together!

Daddy & Ty w/ Mackinac Bridge- Mommy & Ty @ the wedding

Ty posing w/ mommy's boquet- Sleeping on the ride home! - Joe & Monique Hirschenberger

At the Lake superior beach.- Lake Michigan & the river- Ty's 1st time @ the beach.

Last weekend we went to the U.P. to Jon's brothers wedding. Joe and Monique were married on Sept 1, 2007 in Marquette, MI. We had a lot of fun, Ty danced up a stormed at the wedding and hammed it up for the camera all night. Ty loved the Mackinac Bridge, or "the big long bridge" as he calls it. We stopped at a few scenic places on the way home, including a river that poured out into Lake Michigan. It was the first time Ty saw a beach and water that big, he was amazed, you could tell by the look on his face. It was a long busy weekend, but well worth all of it.

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Matt and Rachael Neal said...

Yeah! I love the pictures. How cute! Keep posting...I read your blog each chance I get.